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  • Put a Spring In Your Step - Children took part in the Torch Relay to encourage them to find sustainable ways to travel to school. 
  • World Book Day Hats - To celebrate World Book Day, children created hats inspired by a variety of books. 
  • Book Week 2018 -  During Book Week children took part in different activities linked to all types of books. Parents and Grandparents visited and shared books with the children. 
  • Bhaktivedanta Manor - As part of the R.E. curriculum, Year Four children visited Bhaktivendanta Manor to develop their understanding of Hinduism. 
  • Sporting events - We have taken part in many sporting events, even coming away from the local events as champions in the Year 3/4 golf and cricket tournaments.    
  • Christmas Unwrapped 2017 - The Congregational Church visited us to teach us about the Christmas story, which we retold through different activities.   
  • European Day of Languages 2017 - Each class explored a different European country. They took part in activities such as learning the language and tasting traditional foods.   
  • Maths and Science Week 2017 - During Maths and Science Week, all year groups participated in a range of exciting activities, including visits from outside companies.
  • Arts Week 2017 - During Arts Week, the children investigated different artists and techniques to create their own work.