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Reedings Junior School

Digital Leaders

Each September pupils have the chance to apply for the role of Digital Leader within their classes. Their application forms are considered by the class teacher, and two representatives are chosen.

Digital leaders help with technology at school and also with the learning you are doing at home. They help create a record of learning in their class throughout their time at Reedings and say what is going well and what needs to be improved.

The representatives for each class this year are:

Robins: Charlie B and Huxley

Sparrows: Darcie and Robbie

Puffins: Radu and Kitty

Starlings: Erin I and Joselyn

Wrens: Saoirse and Daniel

Swallows: Sophia T and Gabriel

Owls: Isaac and Imogen

Kestrels: Amy and Joshua


Speak to Mrs Alison Walker if you are interested in becoming a digital leader next year!