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Reedings Junior School

Junior Leadership Team (JLT)

Each September pupils have the chance to canvass for a position on the Junior Leadership Team. We then celebrate the British Value of Democracy by holding votes to agree a representative for each class.

The representatives for each class are:

Robins: Ella
Sparrows: George
Starlings: Abigail
Puffins: Thomas
Wrens: Ethan
Swallows: Charlotte
Owls: Kitty
Kestrels: Alice

See below for the JLT termly updates:

Autumn 1

This term the JLT raised just over £1000 to fund their annual expenditure by running a 'Break the Rules' Day. Pie facing Mrs Newton and Ms Constant earnt a substantial amount! 

The JLT have been taking children's suggestions about where best to spend these funds and have voted to spend half of their budget updating and restocking the playground toys. 

Autumn 2

This term the JLT launched and organised the new playground toys and shared concerns that some children were wearing PE kits with logos and how clothing was becoming a distraction. They shared these concerns with teachers and their peers and have resolved the issue completely. 

Spring 1

At the start of the term, the JLT visited Parliament (a trip delayed due to the Queen's funeral) to learn about how to be a better leader and how Parliament works. They even got to watch lives debates in both The House of Commons and The House of Lords!

The JLT also conducted a vote to decide how best to spend their remaining budget. It was decided that new nature cameras would be hired after a long discussion about whether or not to get a school pet. The JLT sensibly agreed that an animal's welfare comes before our own desire to have a pet and therefore it would not be fair to do this just yet. Take a look on twitter for updates on our animal visitors via our nature cams!