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Reedings Junior School

Design & Technology

Design and Technology provides the opportunity to study products designed and made in our world. It encourages problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, innovation and understanding of how products and materials work. 

At Reedings Junior School, we value the importance of Design and Technology as part of our broad and balanced curriculum. We follow the National Curriculum and provide opportunities to investigate, design, create and evaluate a range of products. 

It is our intent to provide opportunities for children to develop their skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical systems and a range of materials, including food and textiles. 

Children at Reedings Junior School will be encouraged to use these skills to develop their imagination, creativity and innovation to solve real and relevant problems in a variety of contexts. 

Design and Technology is taught by class teachers as a discrete subject for a blocked set of time. There are many cross curriculum links and it is often linked to other areas of the curriculum.

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