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Reedings Junior School


Geography is key to helping the children understand their place in the world and how they are part of not just their local community but also a much wider global community.

Our children come to us with knowledge of their local area and how physical geography impacts their lives – for example weather.

During their time at Reedings, they will begin to broaden their understanding of the local area by comparing it with other places in the Uk, Europe and around the world. They will explore the similarities and differences of both physical and human geography of a wide range of area.

Geography allows children to develop a wide range of fieldwork, map reading and other essential skills. They are encouraged to ask questions and analyse their findings to spot patterns and draw conclusions.

At Reedings, we also explore the environmental impact of human activity on our planet and how this affects us at a local, national and international level. The children have the opportunity to visit both local areas (Sawbridgeworth, River Stort) and wider areas including Cambridge and the Natural History Museum.

Geography links with many other subjects and children are encouraged to explore maps and atlases to develop their knowledge of the world through other subjects. For example, identifying where ancient civilisations were or places in France during French lessons.

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Digimapshttps://digimapforschools.edina.ac.uk/ (see children's planners for log in details.)

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