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Reedings Junior School

Remote Learning

At Reedings, it is our priority to deliver high-quality face-to-face education to all pupils.  Attendance is essential for pupils to get the most out of their school experience, including for their attainment, wellbeing, and wider life chances. However, there are exceptional circumstances where remote education may be needed although it is important to note that this should not be viewed as an equal alternative to attendance in school.  Where possible, part time timetables would be considered rather than remote learning.  Remote education should only ever be considered as a short-term measure and as a last resort where in school attendance is not possible. There are only limited circumstances where a pupil is unable to attend school but is able and well enough to continue their education remotely.  These circumstances might include: 

  • pupils recovering from short term infectious illnesses
  • pupils preparing for or recovering from some operations
  • pupils recovering from injuries where attendance might inhibit recovery. 


If parents/carers feel that remote learning would be required, they would need to notify the school office to arrange a meeting at the earliest possible convenience of the parents/carers and class teacher. Providing pupils with remote education will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

When remote learning has been agreed with the school, an individual plan will be agreed between parents/carers, teachers and senior leaders to ensure the plan is in the best interests of the children.  The learning would then begin after this meeting.  In these circumstances, students would be given access to remote education through Google Classroom for the following subjects:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Science

Remote learning may be set on the following platforms:

  • Google classroom
  • MyMaths
  • TTRockstars

Where possible, the learning objective will be inline with the class learning.  Foundation subjects would be set if it has been agreed that it is appropriate.


Remote Learning from Covid lockdowns

This document outlines the measures put in place during the Covid lockdowns.  If another lockdown were implemented, this outlines the remote learning that would be offered to our pupils.

reedings junior school remote education for parents.pdf