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Reedings Junior School


The exciting RE curriculum at Reedings enables all children to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of a range of world religions and their beliefs and practices.

Each year progressively studies Christianity alongside another world religion, which include Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Humanism and Buddhism.

By exploring sacred texts, artefacts, viewpoints from believers, practical activities and first-hand experiences, the children will be able to evaluate the differences and similarities between religions and develop their own personal and critical responses to them. We successfully utilise our strong links to outside agencies and regularly visit our local churches, Bhaktivedanta Manor and the Jewish Museum. A wide range of opportunities are also given to the children to explore ultimate human questions and as a result, develop their own ideas and values. We feel that by learning about and understanding different peoples’ views and ways of living, learners are taking the first steps to appreciating diversity both locally and internationally.

We follow the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education and our curriculum has been constructed with these 8 key areas at the forefront: belief and practices; sources of wisdom; symbols and actions; prayer, worship and reflection; identity and belonging; ultimate questions; human responsibility and values; justice and fairness.

Agreed Syllabus - Hertfordshire 2017.pdf

There are 156 hours of Religious Education taught over 4 years, which is approximately 13 hours per term.