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Reedings Junior School

Working Collaboratively

Reedings Junior School and Fawbert and Barnard Infants School

Reedings Junior School and Fawbert and Barnard Infants School have a strong partnership and work collaboratively to benefit all our children.  We have a combined curriculum intent which ensures our children have the best opportunity to learn and progress and a combined PTA.

Combined Curriculum Intent

Our curriculums at Fawbert and Barnard Infants’ and Reedings’ Junior School give the children the opportunity to learn through a variety of exciting and memorable contexts. From Fawbert and Barnard’s integrated Montessori approach in the Early Years and ‘Cornerstones’ cross curricular curriculum in Key Stage 1, through to Reedings’ bespoke curriculum, it is our intent that children at our schools… 

  • Have high aspirations, resilience and perseverance
  • Are problem solvers, with a thirst for knowledge who are confident to take risks 
  • Become active citizens in a diverse global and digital society  
  • Are happy and secure within themselves and their pursuit for truth 
  • Are excited and motived with a deep-rooted love of learning. 

We believe our curriculums are progressive and support children in their pathway towards adulthood.   


 “Envisioning a better future for our pupils” 

What is the Envision

22 primary schools in the Bishop’s Stortford area have formed a strong partnership called Envision to work collaboratively and deliver school to school support work across the primary phase. The schools have historically worked well together, and this formalisation cements their commitment of ‘envisioning a better future for our pupils’. This initiative is built on the principle that when educators work together, a positive impact is made on children’s lives; collaboration between schools contributes to school improvement and pupil success.


School Improvement

All the schools have committed to a ‘Schools Partnership Programme’, which is an evidence-based collaborative school improvement model that builds the capacity of leaders at every level to lead rigorous and outcomes-focused peer review and school-to-school support. This programme recognises the vast potential that exists in a school system and offers the framework to harness that potential to produce a sustainable school improvement model. 


The process for driving improvements is as follows:


Firstly, we identify an area we would like to develop. 

Peer review

Headteachers and deputies within the partnership are trained as Peer Reviewers, who then work together to carry out a reviews of schools in this area, which involves researching and exploring the evidence that supports our review focus, through methods such as lesson observations, work scrutiny and interviews with staff and pupils. 

School-to-school support

Once the peer review is completed, trained Improvement Champions from local schools lead training with our staff. This helps us to create an action plan which we use to develop our chosen area. 

At Reedings, the Peer Reviewers are Mrs Beccy Newton and Ms Evonne Constant and the Improvement Champions are Mrs Suzanne Kingston and Mrs Melanie Green.