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Healthy & Active

Keeping Safe

Everyone at Reedings Junior School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We take safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously. It is our duty to keep children safe while they are in our care and we aim to do this by creating an arena of safety in and around all of our school activities. Our Behaviour for Learning and Safeguarding Policy set out our expectations and procedures for staff to follow – these have been put in place to keep everybody safe.

Sports and Extra Curricular Activities

At Reedings we believe in giving your child a well rounded education that provides them with opportunities and experiences that help prepare them for life.

As part of the curriculum we are committed to giving our children first hand experiences such as taking part in school trips related to class learning and participating in workshops to bring a topic alive!

We also believe in active lunchtimes where our children enjoy the freedom of our fabulous grounds. Children are ‘play leaders’ and ‘peer mediators’.

They also have a range of opportunities in the extra-curricular clubs that we run. The clubs include Fitness, Netball, Cricket, Table Tennis and Multi-Sports as well as Computing, Art and Reading. The members of staff at Reedings volunteer for these clubs as they see how much it benefits our children, helping them develop further skills.

We also offer a range of after-school clubs, which are run by well established outside agencies. The clubs vary from term to term and include Football, Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Basketball and Golf. There will continue to be a variety of opportunities available to the children.

We are passionate about sport and our pupils are renowned for their good sportsmanship.

We take part in competitive sporting events across our school partnership group as well as in the local borough. For example, we participate in a local football and netball league. We also compete in Hockey, Tennis, Netball, Football, Cricket, Tag Rugby, Tri Golf and Cross Country festivals.